Friday feature - Rustig Trails, Magaliesburg

Looking to meander through the Magaliesburg trails? The Rustig (peaceful) trails take you through the coveted venue, a working farm well-established in the 1930's that originally served as a cattle and tobacco farm. This venue really lends itself to a spectacular day out in the country surrounded by rugged mountains, big sky country & wildlife.

Overall the run/hike is an exciting yet relaxing experience. It really is a lovely way of experiencing some South African history, biodiversity, geology and views. Although there are some tough climbs and descents there is enough resting time in between and the views and tranquillity make it worthwhile. However, a reasonable level of fitness and sturdy shoes are definitely a necessity. Ensure that you have enough water, some snacks and sunblock.

What you need to know:

Entry fee: R80 per person

Routes available: 8km, 13km or an overnight 18km hike

Situated near Hekpoort, about 1 hour out of JHB, and about 40 minutes from Pretoria

The gravel road leading to the farm is manageable with a small car.


The Karee route is 13km long, with a “chicken run” escape route which ends up being about 8km long. The 13km route takes about 3 hours running, and about 5hours hiking at a steady pace. It is incredibly well marked, and offers stunning views of the surrounding areas.

The adventure begins through some grassland, passed a windmill, through an avenue of white stinkwood trees and gradually up the hill. You head up wooden ladders (with burning leg muscles) and pass the the “new years cave”, English bomb shelters and other ruins. Soak in the adventure whether running/ hiking.

Overnight hike:

There is an overnight hiking trail that 15-18km through the Magalies mountains. You walk an 8km route on day 1, and a different route on day 2 at a similar distance. Only 1 hiking party allowed per night in the overnight hut with a maximum accommodation of 8 people per party. The hikers’ hut has dorm-style bunk beds with mattresses but you need to bring your own bedding (sleeping bag). It includes electricity, hot showers and flush toilets.

Costs: R300 per adult.

Suggestions on preparation:

Be sure to orientate yourself using the map and signage as the signage alone can become somewhat confusing at times. Pacing yourself is essential as one often misjudges the length of the last half of a 13km hike such as this. Good company and a camera are a must and even more ideal if the company is good with the camera. Most importantly, however, is to stop and admire the diverse and ever-changing vegetation, views and beauty as often as possible!

Picnic/ braai facilities

There are picnic facilities, and braai facilities at the end of the hike. You can book pre-packed braai packs with everything else needed to enjoy a braai after your run/ hike. Contact them directly for more information.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did !!!

Contact Details:

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