Things that will get you disqualified:

As we begin our tentative emergence from lockdown, a truth is becoming evident the world over, we don’t just want to go back to the way things were, we want change. This has given us at Trail Nation SA an opportunity to do things in a slightly more creative manner



As you arrive at our events, your temperature will be tested by our staff. You will also need to sign a form stating your personal details and temperature reading as this is a legal requirement.



All race numbers will be pre-packed 2 days ahead of race day, and sanitized ahead of the time. Athletes will be able to collect their packs from our registration crew, and find a safe space to apply their numbers to their shirts.



To ensure we limit contact as much as possible, race timing will be reported based on the race number on athletes’ shirts. Final times will be sent out via mail within a day of race completion


Race briefing:

No physical briefing will take place, all race details will be done through online platforms (email and Facebook). Please look out for important notifications



Athletes will be batched in to slots based on times submitted upon registration. Slots will be limited to 25 people per time slot, and batches will go off every 15 minutes. Athletes are not allowed to switch batches for safety reasons. If needed, please contact the race director ahead of race day. Entries are limited to ensure no gatherings take place ahead, during or after the race.


Food/ coffee/ drinks:

Pre-ordered boerie rolls will be available. Coffee will be served on the day. Limited quantities of craft beer will also be available for purchase. Cash purchase only.



We will have a COVID-compliant medic on site. If illness/ injury takes place on race day, athletes will be cared for in an isolated area at the venue


COVID compliance:

  • Please do not arrive if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, if you have tested positive, or if you have experienced COVID related symptoms in the last 14 days

  • Please practise social distancing at all times

  • Please wear a mask at all times


Goodie bags:

All athletes will be given a goodie bag containing a Dream Hotels and Resorts buff, pen, and hand sanitizer. Please do not share these items with fellow athletes. It is your responsibility to keep these safe and sanitized


Finish line:

We have setup picnic tables for athletes to enjoy their own picnics after the race. Tables have been distanced with sufficient space for safety reasons


Prize giving:

No prize giving will take place on the day. Winner names will be announced, and prizes will be couriered to each of the winners. Spot prizes will take place during the day, but no gatherings will take place.



Toilets are available at the venues. Sanitization will take place throughout the day. Athletes are encouraged to clean their hands, and sanitize after using the toilet facilities.


Water points:

No water points on the route, please ensure to bring your own water, snacks and nutrition



No medals will be provided for safety reasons



No spectators are allowed. If friends/ family would like to join for a picnic, they are allowed to join once the running is over.


If you have any other feedback you’d like to discuss, please get in touch with us. We can’t wait to host you !!